Рустам Солнцев: «Маша Малиновская - жертва пластики» The showman spoke to the presenter. Between Rustam Solntsev and Masha Malinovskaya had a conflict, in which both the celebrity did not stint on caustic comments about each other. The man hastened to give back to the blonde and he shared his perspective on the situation.
Рустам Солнцев: «Маша Малиновская - жертва пластики»

Recent months the TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya increasingly makes me remember about myself. But not in the light of their professional achievements, but because of the scandals, which is retracted. Not had time to subside talk about her quarrels with the showman Rustam Solntsev, who accused the Director in addiction, in addiction to illegal substances Masha caught and her colleague, Dana Borisova.

Stung by the media personality and this time did not remain silent, prompting Borisov to battle on a talk show devoted to the scandal surrounding the Director. Attended the program and Rustam Solntsev, with whom during the filming Malinovskaya also exchanged a few unpleasant remarks. The war continued after the cameras were off.

Last week, the TV host posted in his blog the text of a comment that was written by a fan under one of her posts. A fan of star aggressively expressed in the address of Rustam Solntseva, calling him a victim of plastic and accusing a celebrity of libel. Also a fan of the past and Dana Borisova, expressing his desire to shoot the girl. The showman could not remain silent and responded to the Director in his weekly column “Mamadorogaya”.

“Again, Mary took me and Danko Borisov insult – began his video message of Rustam. – After we got her out of the closet of obscurity, trahnuli, sprinkled with powdered sugar and put in her ass a rose paper and sent it to the charity event on the show to Andrey Malakhov, she for some reason decided that it is her benefit. No, honey, you’re wrong. You’re sorry, just don’t show – sorry, again. And, you know, the philanthropists in Russia, those you loaf delivers, it is customary to thank, to wash his feet and drink the water. By this I do not call, do not need. But still, OKS, dear. Control his speech, the filter text, and then you never know… And another thing: don’t ever call someone a victim of plastics, because you’re the mother of this faction, and I, Rustam Solntsev, just your humble grandson”.

According to the man, Malinovskaya also questioned and in his financial well-being. Rustam touched the word of the presenter that he earns nothing. As evidence of their income Solntsev even invited the blonde to visit, and also invited her to attend his speech.

“Masha, welcome to my dienstmerkmal apartment on Sretenka. Welcome to my tour of which I do not get out. Masha and I am a PR consultant and very seriously engaged in this. I have a huge number of clients whom I’ve been working on for several years. They are very happy with my work. Welcome to my world, Mary! Love you! About plastics – here you just by. The very mother nature gave me beauty. Yeah, I’m beautiful and very attractive young man. Says, so you’re definitely unfair. Criticism I am willing to consider, but then you missed,” said Solntsev.