Maria Kohno justified for having an affair with Dmitri Dmitrenko

Мария Кохно оправдалась за роман с Дмитрием Дмитренко The former participant “Houses−2” has hinted at a breakup with a lover. Many fans of Maria Kohno decided that she broke up with Dmitri Dmitrenko. A man wants to reconnect with his pregnant wife, Olga Rapunzel.

Netizens suspect that Mary Kohno broke up with Dima Dmitrenko. Not long ago, former members of “House-2” were active in sharing combines images, details, dates and relationship. Frames almost a family idyll called fans of the TV show mixed reaction – because Dmitry has a legal wife Olga Rapunzel. Dimitrenko has repeatedly tried to return to his wife, but was refused.

Rumors about the pair rasstavaniy fueled more by the fact that the young man removed joint photo with Masha, not explaining to subscribers what is involved in this step. Soon it became known Dima for several days looking for opportunities to connect with Olga Rapunzel. Future mother has spoken out about the situation.

“When I filed for divorce, he apparently woke up suddenly paternal instinct. He began to napisyvat me. First, through someone, through participants. And yesterday he wrote to me personally. And I told him. Mad at him is not enough! It is a lot of things done and then said we’re both to blame…I mean both? It’s one in all are guilty! He thinks I behind it will run. Okay Kohno — it is unprincipled and without female solidarity. But it is something! When she insulted me, Dima was playing her. If he wanted his family back, you would do some deeds and actions. What did he have in mind?” – said Olga.

According to Rapunzel, she is waiting for the spouse the first step to reconciliation. In turn, Masha Kohno has published in the microblog post, where he hinted at the end of a relationship with a married man.

“I let you go without regret, maybe, for a moment or forever. We were with you a reflection of the desires, how to be a man. Don’t know will I ever see me again your eyes clean the mirror? I have reflected all superficial with faded me faded,” wrote ex-member of telestroke.

According to the publication “House 2 LIFE”, Olga Rapunzel thinks about the reunion with Dimitrenko. Expectant mother wants to raise a future daughter in a complete family, but she still remembers an old grudge and unwilling to put up with the shenanigans Dimitrenko on the side.