Resuscitation decreased after the filming of the movie

Врача-реаниматолога сократили после съемок в фильме This week on the channel “Russia 1” started the series “Richter”. While working on the film creators helped the medic Yuri Nazarov. His hands can be seen in some shots of the painting. However, after the release of the movie on the screen of the specialist fired.
Врача-реаниматолога сократили после съемок в фильме

The series “Richter”, an adaptation of the famous House M. D., starval 13 November on channel “Russia 1”. Our Hugh Laurie, chief physician-diagnostician, was Alexei Serebryakov. To the shooting was plausible, it was a place a true physician – Yuri Nazarov from Moscow medical rehabilitation center.

“To try a new role, I was offered Tatiana Shapovalenko, head physician of the institution where I worked – said “StarHit” Yuri. She often acts as an expert on TV. I agreed, although wages are not complaining. From April to November 2016 once a week came to a pavilion on the outskirts of Moscow. Profession actor and a doctor are equally heavy, they are 12 hours under the gun cameras, and we day in intensive care.

Врача-реаниматолога сократили после съемок в фильме
Врача-реаниматолога сократили после съемок в фильме

Alexey Serebryakov in type similar to the Russian doctor – slim and strict. We communicated regularly on the site, he asked a lot of questions. And at the party after filming fairy stories, joked on the subject of mistakes. I had to keep the actors and the Director: they wanted to show more emotion, creepy moments – take the long needle, scalpel thicker, but everything in medicine is more modest. Each tool has its purpose. The operation can’t be done with a kitchen knife. However, at some point had to give way, for example, in one scene, surgeons operate without masks, but this is impossible.

The draft version of the series, I looked at the beginning of the year at home with family. We are all doctors. Wife, Hope, therapist, and daughter Rufina – x-ray-technician. They were excited when the episodes seen me or my hands. I don’t know, ironic or not, but after the filming of “Dr. Richter” I was laid off. So now I am in search of work.”

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