Мария Ивакова худеет в отпуске
Presenter “Friday!” returned from a long journey.

Мария Ивакова худеет в отпуске

Maria Ivanova

Photo: from the personal archive of Maria Iakovou

The choice of Mary in this year fell on the Ligurian coast of Italy known for fishing villages and beautiful bays. During the five days of travel leading TV channel “Friday!” took place tens of kilometers, bathed in the cool sea and ate favorite mussels. By the way, on vacation Maria always loses weight. “I have a proven recipe, — says Masha. — Wake up at 8 am without eating Breakfast and go Jogging for about an hour. And for dinner choose seafood, not pasta.”

Not imagining life without Goodies, Ivanova always makes time for training. But without fanaticism.

“Sport, I need to feel comfortable in your weight. Now he
me stable, but there was a hormonal imbalance. My team
The “eagle and Tails” then were flying a lot over long distances, and that
background I have a gargantuan appetite, I made a remarkable recovery. Though
continued to train and eat right, no burgers. So
sorry… Went to doctors, there were IVS, and detox program, and
to stop eating sweets for three months. But first of all I was told to sleep it off. To
fortunately, work has started shooting not requiring long-haul flights, I
rested — and the weight slowly returned to normal. So when I see him in the hall
“fatty”, never say, “Oh, fatty!” This is inhuman.
Hormonal failure can happen to anyone. By the way, I don’t like bony
girls, but also clearly defined abs is, in my opinion, is also not
very nice. My current form I like and not bony, and as
they say, nothing in excess”.

The presenter in the Italian town of Riomaggiore

Photo: from the personal archive of Maria Iakovou