Emin Agalarov: “to Be the father of the girl — what a blessing!”

Эмин Агаларов: «Быть отцом девочки — такое счастье!»
The popular singer revealed the family secret.

Эмин Агаларов: «Быть отцом девочки — такое счастье!»

Emin Agalarov son Mikail and adopted daughter Amina

Photo: Maxim Aryukov

— In one interview you said that the absolute woman’s love, which protects you and inspires you get from mom and sisters…

— And now from Amines. So that this love became even more. I also have two son was all the time, Ali and Mikail, and suddenly there was a girl. It turned out, with her it’s different. Amin I want to squeeze, hug, kiss. “Peel” from it impossible. Myself I catch myself thinking that I’m with her all the time, my boys I look askance: and we?

What was for you Amina?

Daughter. It grows together with my own sons. And when I to them come, we spend time together. Amina says: “Look, dad brought it. Look, daddy brought it back…” Actually, the first Pope Amines called me sons when she could not speak. It just brought home, I came Ali Mikail took me by the hand and led him to her: “dad, Dad, come on, we are going to show you Amin”. We go into her room, and she’s quite young, still standing uncertainly, and the sons said to her, “Amina, look, it’s your dad.” And now, when she calls me “daddy”, I have a touching and very warm feeling. I fully feel that being a girl’s father is such happiness! For the past two years to communicate with her, watching. She is very grown up…

— They say that adopted children eventually become like foster parents…

— It is. Amina, for example, reminds mom Leila. It is important to get the attention, care. Very demanding girl. Of myself as a little children, speaks in the third person: “Amina herself, she doesn’t want, she will not.” And apparently is becoming more and more like my children — his older brothers. Especially ALESCO. However, friends more with Mika. He really are a true elder brother: gentle, timid and responsible. Goes checks that Amina was doing, why, how, why? Although both, Mikail, Ali, well done — I feel a sister’s responsibility. Very fond of her and protective. If we go for a walk, and I suddenly someone rings and I’m distracted by the conversation, one of the sons will take her hand. So they reflexively turns out, no they did not teach.

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  • Эмин Агаларов: «Быть отцом девочки — такое счастье!»
    Emin Agalarov

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Эмин Агаларов: «Быть отцом девочки — такое счастье!»

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Эмин Агаларов: «Быть отцом девочки — такое счастье!»

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