Сын Лиама Нисона неожиданно стал дизайнером
The actor helped Daniel with valuable advice.

Liam Neeson


Daniel, Jr.
the son of a 65-year-old actor Liam Neeson (from late wife of actor Natasha Richardson) who
never before had interest in the fashion industry, suddenly father decided
to become a designer. The stores of new York entered a clothing collection
the author of which was Daniel.

Until recent
time 20-year-old son of Neeson did not even think of becoming a designer. He went to College,
where she studied theater arts and mastered parallel computer
“wisdom”. As he told a young man, in his childhood he dreamed of becoming
a professional athlete. He played hockey, tennis and football.
Later, Daniel thought about a career of a Manager in show business. But about the design of clothing, until recently, not thought. However, friends of Daniel have always admired
how but stylishly dressed. But when the son of Neeson showed one of his
friend who had experience in the fashion industry, made directly during the lecture, the outline of the design
different hats, he advised him to do it professionally.

“I know a
I will say now: “Here is another son of a celebrity was in the modeling business!
Certainly he was helped by his father. But, to tell you the truth, although the dad in me
support, I helped one of his Council. He told me he borrowed this idea from
some of the classics. “If you stand in something, fail, try again and again.
Maybe some times your failures will be less devastating…”

Recall that Daniel
like his older brother, had to go through in life, through a terrible trial. When
in 2009, tragically lost their mother, the sons of actor could not accept
with the death of Richardson. As described later Liam, he had to hire
then a therapist, who helped his sons to overcome a dark