Мерайя Кери отказывается помогать умирающей сестре

“Wicked witch” refers to her famous sister, singer Mariy Carey, her brother Morgan. The cause of a family scandal was the failure of the singer, gathered married to Australian billionaire James packer, to pay hospital bills of their dying sister Alison.

Мерайя Кери отказывается помогать умирающей сестре

51-year-old Morgan called Meriu heartless because she didn’t want to pay for brain surgery and back to their cousin, a patient of HIV. In an interview with Forbes he described how his are accustomed to luxury famous sister washed his hands of family grief.

Мерайя Кери отказывается помогать умирающей сестре

“Maria believes that the world revolves solely around her,” said Morgan, alluding to the selfishness of the singer.

The state of Keri is estimated at 52 million dollars, and the brother wonders why it’s so hard to allocate at least some of this amount to alleviate the plight of other, less successful relatives for whom health insurance is unaffordable money.

Maria believes that each man is his love of his own happiness. 54-year-old Alison was previously a prostitute and “earned” myself a number of diseases, some of which are incurable. Gave birth to her first child (she has four) at the age of fifteen, she was looking for easy money in prostitution, later adding and dependence.

Мерайя Кери отказывается помогать умирающей сестре

After she was diagnosed with HIV, she wrote and tried to publish a book of his memoirs, which told a lot of unpleasant stories regarding Carey. Carey herself not only communicating with a relative more than twenty years, but even avoids questions about her in interviews.

Last year Allison almost died in Hawaii, but her condition now is extremely difficult, and she needs surgery of the spinal cord and brain.

Morgan turned to Marie through mass media, appealing to her humanity and not to restrain themselves in expressions.

Мерайя Кери отказывается помогать умирающей сестре

“Your sister dies, she tries to survive best, and where you are at this point? You think you’re a fairy Princess, but in fact you’re the wicked witch” said Morgan, and added that his rich sister would rather spend massive money on their dogs than to help Alison.

Recall that last year Morgan gave a scandalous interview in which he stated that since 2001, Maria suffers from alcoholism and mental disorders, and that he fears she “will die like Whitney Houston”.

That sister is going to marry James packer, Morgan, like everyone else, learned from the media. Morgan, however, doubts that Maria loves his new fiance.

“She loves herself and her wedding ring for five million dollars” — he concluded.




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