Корнелия Манго осваивает новые способы заработка The actress, known for love to draw, started to learn another kind of art. Now she enjoys photography and even receives orders to shoot. About the artist reported in his Instagram.

      Корнелия Манго осваивает новые способы заработка

      Cheerful Cornelia Mango never ceases to amaze fans with new projects and facets of his many talents. She recently announced that beginning to master the art of photography. Past clients of Cornelia became the couple Julia and Michael. With their consent, the star published a photo from the backstage of the shooting: it Cornelia is standing on a stool, pointing the camera at the happy young people lying in bed.

      In addition, it turns out that Cornelia has a preference for a new hobby. In recognition of the actress, she loves to shoot those, who recently got engaged, and kids. “Today was such a bright day, love your life for the experience. Glad all the time learning new things. Today I photographed a family! I love to take pictures of the couple and children up to 14 days,” wrote the singer in Instagram.

      Subscribers Cornelia was not indifferent to the creative hobby of the girl. “Krutyshka”, “Never ceases to amaze! Talented, kind and beautiful”, “How cool. Umnichka”, – enthusiastic messages do not have to wait long. And someone from fans and friends of Cornelia, meanwhile, is puzzled: suddenly a girl falls off the stool directly into a young family? “But if the chair is not strong?”, asks one commenter.

      Корнелия Манго осваивает новые способы заработка

      We will remind, the actress also long and seriously engaged in painting. At the time she graduated from art school and College. For some time Cornelia worked as a teacher of painting. Exhibition of paintings by Mango was carried out not only in her native Astrakhan, but in Moscow and abroad – in Geneva, Dresden. Cornelia regularly shares photos of his works in “Instagram” and tells about the different events from his “second life”. For example, she conducts a master class for those who want to learn to draw, is interviewed on the topic of art and paints the banners for their trade shows.

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