Мария Аронова рассказала, почему вышла замуж через 20 лет отношений
Actress husband and I are planning to get married soon.

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday it became known that Maria Aronova and her husband Eugene Fomin entered into a formal marriage. The actress got married after a 20 year relationship with her partner. They have a daughter Seraphim (she’s 13), and together they raised a son of Mary from the first marriage of Vladislav (he is 23).

The wedding was held on March 10 in one of capital registry offices, and then the couple raised the closest friends in the restaurant. On these long weekend in the star family, there was a 3 holiday. March 8 just turned 20 years old relationship between Mary and Eugene, 10 March, they signed and 11th Aronova celebrated his 46th anniversary.

“This is a good and proper job lovely of mother Jeronima of Diveyevo, wonderful father of Andrew, father of Ivan, told Aronov. We’re just convinced that life outside marriage is wrong in relation to our lives, to our children. We used to think about the wedding, but kept putting it off…. And here some changes happened in my life, some very serious conversations with timeplace people to live and not to make a lot of stupid things… And for my Eugene this was a very serious question when we discussed it. We made this decision together.”

Still, the actress confessed that despite lived two decades in love and harmony, “to be married is a wonderful feeling”! And even admitted that very soon will be and their wedding in the Church.

“And you have a God to pray to about the Wedding, it will come, this will be our real celebration!” Maria said “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.