Иван Краско отказывается от личного знакомства с тещей The famous actor can’t come to another town. Natalia Krasko understands that there is no need to take husband to meet with mom, which for a long time did not take the affair with the daughter of an elderly man. Ivan talks to her on the phone.
Иван Краско отказывается от личного знакомства с тещей

In 2015, many were stunned when the 84-year-old Ivan Krasko moved down the aisle, the 24-year-old Natalia Shevel. Some believed that this marriage will be short-lived, and the young actress is just using any and all methods to become known throughout the country. Even the mother of the actress was not on the side of his daughter and ignored the wedding.

Still not familiar with son-in-law mother-in-law personally, but they talk on the phone. Natalia doesn’t want to force an elderly person to travel long distances – spouses live in Saint-Petersburg and the parents in Sebastopol. Apparently, the girl’s mother is also not eager to see his beloved daughter.

“Alas, mother and Ivan never had a chance to meet in person. But they are friendly on the phone. It seems that these two “sang” about my education. And we’re not going to Sevastopol not because I don’t want to. Just the tickets for two are worth a decent amount. More expensive than to fly to Europe. And the train ride my husband hard,” – said Natalia.

Some suspected that the young actress got married to improve your financial situation. However, after the wedding, the newlyweds have to live in the same apartment with her grandson Krasko Cyril and his mother Margaret, widow of the late son of the artist, Andrew. The couple dream of their own homes.

The young wife of Ivan Krasko jokes in bed

Natalia is happy that Ivan is trying to pamper. For two and a half years every morning he brings his young wife coffee in bed.

“Yes, our ritual does not change. And every time the husband says, “St. Petersburg, Lord!” These are the words of his first roles in the theatre BDT. Ivan was playing conductor, went on the car and shouted: “Saint Petersburg, ladies and gentlemen!” And looked in the direction of Innokenty Smoktunovsky, who was sitting in the car with a newspaper… That is, Ivan has decided that it is important from the outset of the relationship and now it is not losing ground,” admitted Krasko.

Girl happy that is not refused the love of a man, her senior by more than three times. She told me that on their wedding rings engraved with the phrase “anything goes.” Ivan believes this statement is sad. The young wife of Ivan Krasko explained why he does not want to give birth

“My husband often gives me flowers. But… usually those that brings after the performances in the theatre. Romance is a very strange thing. It seems our family for a little standard of its manifestations. So, casually say that they love and well it is to the soul”, – said Natalia in an interview with “Revelations of the stars.”