Вышедший из комы Алексей Янин возвращается к нормальной жизни
Star of TV series celebrated the 35th anniversary.

Photo: Instagram

In Dec 2016 Alexey Yanin came out of the coma in which he spent the last six months! During this time he has made great progress in the treatment of: learned to speak again, to move, to eat, drink, think… the Actor was able to “overcome” and memory lapses, so he, as before, was interesting to talk to.

Yesterday, the star of the TV series celebrated its 35th anniversary. Friends do not forget Alexis, and many in that day came to congratulate him on this occasion. A colleague on the series “Club” Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya told the fans about the latest achievements of Ioannina.

“Alexei Ioannina yesterday was birthday! — Napoleona. News from mother of Alex: “Hello my dear! Alex is now in rehab. Today he has a day, the guests, greetings, gifts and flowers. It is a pity that we are not at home, but it happened. Now I will tell you about Lechenich success: we better talk to Alex he drinks from a Cup, he eats with a spoon (before he was fed through a gastrostomy tube), he brushes his teeth and combs his hair. Alesha works well with the right hand. He sits with minimal support. Standing on the standing frame is flipped, making a small bridge. And generally it is much quicker and faster in reactions. Alesha preserved intelligence and memory. He can be very interesting. In General, we are slowly but surely moving forward. Soon we will learn to get up. That we have success and your merit. Thanks for your help and support. For us it is very important.” I hope soon to visit! Get Well Soon, Alex!”

Anastasia also published fresh photos of Alex where he stands without apparent effort yourself! Nastya’s fans wished the actor a speedy full recovery and noted that he is a real fighter, and he should be okay.

We will remind, in 2015, Alexei suffered a severe stroke. Fighting for the life of Janina, the doctors were forced to put him in an artificial coma. It is assumed that the stroke was the result of overload at work and frequent travel. Doctors performed a craniotomy, and for a long time after that, the actor lived with the hope for a miraculous healing. Relatives of Ioannina transferred from hospital to hospital, passing one after the other rehabilitation courses. Largely thanks to the support of his family, he received a chance for a full recovery in the foreseeable future.