Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице» Today, July 17, the author of 35 books is 60 years old. On the eve of the anniversary of the writer spoke about the loss of a loved one and explain why do not take offense to criticism. Soon a new product of Arbatova “Week in Manhattan.
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»

Maria is the author of 14 plays, three screenplays and 35 books. Her new work “Week in Manhattan” will hit stores in late July. In addition Arbatov over 30 years by public organizations dealing with protection of women’s rights. The writer said “StarHit” about the loss of a loved one and why not offended by the criticism.

No mutants!

Mary, today you turn 60. Decided where you will celebrate?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»This year our family anniversary. Mom is 95, sons Peter and Paul – 40, cat Mess, which house main – 20. My astrologer Natalie Miller was advised to celebrate the date in July the narrow family circle, and in September was allowed to go to public events on this topic. Anniversary for me, a big test, I can not stand to sit China doll and listen to the almost funeral speech on its own merits… I was offered to do the event in the Big hall TSDL, but in recent years I regularly get up on that stage to put near the tomb a bouquet and therefore do not see myself as the hero of the day.—
Know already that will give you close?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»We are all creative that my husband, sons and daughters-in-law, stepdaughter. Sure, waiting for the mountain of gifts. But the flowers I beg you not to give: I, like any former presenter, immunity against the bouquets that forever nowhere to go.—
Sons haven’t made you a grandmother?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»Yet, all along, today they are too busy with their own lives. Peter is an expert on the protection of monuments, urban development and coordinator of the public movement “Arhnadzor.” And Paul is the best-known regression therapist to the Ural mountains, the ridge and the lives of his teacher. They are already so smart and adults that they themselves telling me how to live. Besides are the name of the Pope, do not emphasize the relationship with me and build a life without my help, unlike most children of famous people. It commands respect, especially daily, we see the well-known citizens, not ashamed, inflate career, children, like soap bubbles.—
Wherever you go to relax this summer?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»In August we plan to travel to the Altai, Belokurikha. This is our Russian Baden-Baden with a unique water, which treats cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, skin diseases and degenerative disc disease. At this resort four times more ions than in Davos, and it was there that made leafless online picture of Putin Topless. This year Belokurikha 150 years, it has become a fashionable place, and we are already in third time will go to beef up energy.
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»
And to more radical methods – such as cosmetology and plastic surgery – not tried to contact?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»I like Anna Magnani, I think that “my life must remain on my face”. A bunch of friends women were as printed on the one machine – with the dead from Botox facial expressions, then sew, then cut off their Tits. This will have only low self-esteem. Somehow bring his own face, and a husband who is younger than me for 10 years, my wrinkles are not confused.
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»

“The neighbors think we are killing each other”

You are a feminist, but that did not stop three times to marry. Home you home?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»Every married person gets smarter and adapts less to pull the blanket over himself. Life with Sumitom we divide in half, I’m on my technical retardation still can not turn on dishwasher and washing machine, but good kasearu, the husband also learned how to cook fantastic Indian food. He is the nephew Purana Chand Joshi (first General Secretary of the Communist party of India) and Kalpana Datta (national heroine of the country). Grew up with a crowd of servants and at the beginning of our family life, standing at the stove, saying: “you could See it’s my mother.” His noble origin, does not involve such duties.—
It happens that swear?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»And how, even with such cries that the neighbors think we are killing each other. Fighting, however, is not about the scattered socks, and politics.
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»
And the fact that your ex-husbands love to visit you at home, it is not annoying?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»They are my close people who consider relatives. However, Oleg’s second wife, who was practically my brother, recently did not… the First, Alexander, his wife and I and the spouse are always glad to see at our table.

“Against the cattle”

You oppose the violation of the rights of sexual minorities, support the legalization of gay marriage… you are often criticized, including in your blog, which I read more than 30 thousand people. It’s a shame?
Мария Арбатова: «Моя жизнь должна остаться на моем лице»As any human rights activist, I stand on guard of human rights, regardless of whether the child is a man, a woman, disabled, migrant, homosexual… If you criticize, for God’s sake, I only “for”. But in the blogosphere very low culture of discussion and criticism under the understood rudeness. So I am forced immediately to “ban” the interlocutor, knowing that if it can not get rid of, he will continue to eat my time is painted on minutes. Also, I do not allow on their pages vulgar emoticons, Mat, dirty vocabulary – what “balacet” Internet.—
When available a few hours after all are issued, what you love to do?
To read, but lately for me it’s a luxury basically do this work: to review, to recommend, to nominate for the award… said Before, saying that I retire is going to sit with a book in the rocking chair. Nothing of the sort! I have five years retired, but my routine hasn’t changed a bit. The internal feeling I am 35, except that the brain of a little grown. My leisure – rather, Opera and cinema than theater. As a playwright overeat theater. As for the movie, then ready 10 times to review Paolo Sorrentino, in Russia the most well-known film “the Great beauty”. As Russian I can not mention “Cloth Union” Michael Mestechko and, of course, the last film Zvyagintsev “Dislike”.