Марго Робби заменит Робин Гуда в исполнении добрых дел

Cost Margot Robbie to star in a Martin Scorsese film “the Wolf of wall street”, as it rained offer about filming in new scenes, and starring. Recently Margo was the girlfriend of the Joker in “suicide Squad”, now Robbie is working on a film about the controversial athlete Tonya Harding (“I, Tonya”). Now, the Australian received an offer to translate on the screen the image of the beloved noble outlaw of English ballads of Robin hood.

In the picture under the name “Marian”, you will learn about a brave little girl who stands at the head of a troop of Robin hood after his death and continues to Rob from the rich giving their money to the poor in memory of him.

It is reported that in addition to the leading role, Margot will assume the production function.

No date yet been announced.