Angelina Jolie found a replacement Breda Pitta

Анджелина Джоли нашла замену Бреду Питту

Angelina Jolie has recovered from the breakup with Brad pitt, and let the divorce process of the famous actor and actress is not yet complete, it is already noticed in the company, believed to ovogo chosen.

Анджелина Джоли нашла замену Бреду Питту
Smiling Jolie noticed in the company of an unknown man during her recent visit to Cambodia. The couple was caught by the paparazzi coming out of a luxury hotel in the town of Sien Reap. It is learned that Angie has managed to introduce their six children with this man, and he even gave angelina and her two children, Vivienne and Knox gold bracelets (this was told paparazzi a local vendor jewelry store). Who is he, and why are you so selective gives gifts, establish local journalists.

“Breda will raise the roof with anger when he finds out about this. It is practically isolated from children, but a man can freely communicate with them. Angie carries them around the world to keep away from her husband, but introduced in their life some guy with whom and itself do not know well. Angelina is like demonstrating to the world that her children will do without his own father” — forces insider.
Recall that Jolie is now promoting Cambodia in his new film “First they killed my father” (“First They Killed My Father”), which she filmed together with his elder adopted son Maddox, born in Cambodia.