Ornella Muti was taken with the injured in the ambulance

Орнеллу Мути увезли с травмой на «скорой»

Beloved by millions, the actress Ornella Muti in trouble. Yesterday on his page in Instagram the daughter of 60-year-old star Nike Rivelli, published a video and several photos with his mother, where it was clearly visible that the actress broke her arm.

The circumstances under which the incident occurred, Nike said. The diagnosis sounds scary — a broken arm dislocation and a dislocation of the elbow joint. The star of “taming of the shrew” was put in plaster, and daughter lovingly decorated it with a kiss.

Note that Ornella probably in terrible pain, but when her daughter was sent to her camera lens, like a true professional, Muti took himself in hand and smiled.

By the way, the hand injury broke and Muti, Rivelli all the plans. In the near future, mother and daughter had to take part in the Italian reality show “the island of the celebrities”. The format of the show thought that Ornella and Nike will share with participants the secrets of proper nutrition and exercise to maintain a good shape.

Орнеллу Мути увезли с травмой на «скорой»