Марго Робби продает билеты на «Хищные птицы» за 3 тыс. долларов в поддержку #MeToo

Daily popular women’s movement #MeToo enlists the help of stars! This time Margot Robbie decided to help women achieve equality and to prove their strength. The actress put on an electronic auction site eBay tickets to the premiere of the painting “birds of Prey” and the proceeds will go to support the movement #MeToo to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

This item is very popular, and the cost of tickets has already exceeded 3400 dollars. The auction is still open, so you will also be able to offer their prices. Margo is not the first holds a charity event. Similar events previously held and many other well-known Actresses and Directors, in particular, brie Larson and Ava Duvernay.

“Birds of prey” tells about a team of girls with superpowers, among which Harley Quinn, Huntress, Black Canary, Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya. We also know that the team of superheroes will face a super-villain named Black mask.

The writer of “birds of Prey” was Christina Hodson, who is known for his work on the “Bumblebee”. The Director’s chair is Cathy Yang, which account for Arthouse drama “Dead pigs”. The output picture is scheduled for 7 February 2020.

Margo is happily married, and the media often speak of the pregnancy of the actress. “I have no child. I’m not pregnant, no. Every six months have to refute this rumor,” — denied the rumors Margot.

The couple has no plans of children, but prefers to devote time to work and infrequent travel. According to Margot, their relationship prevails idyll and even quarrels between them are rare:

“We are not fighting. I know it sounds weird, but we don’t like conflict. We don’t need to shout at each other to explain something, we love each other. And get along fine.”

In December last year, the actress was married to Director Tom Ackerly, but about the wedding and the details of the relationship after marriage, the actress decided to remain silent. “My husband and I were roommates even before we started Dating. So I now share a household with the same neighbor and it’s awesome. We used to live together with many other people, and now we live together and feel very adult — told Margo about the realities of family life after marriage.

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