Джейсон Момоа рассказал о том, как получил роль Аквамена

Jason Momoa, along with his family have already visited the premiere of the popular film DC “Aquaman”, which also starred Nicole Kidman, amber heard and many other celebrities. But hero is able to transform the brutal Khal Drogo from “Game of Thrones” in the heroic Aquaman? How did the actor to get the coveted role? Himself Jason told Hello!

Джейсон Момоа рассказал о том, как получил роль Аквамена

It turns out that the actor originally auditioned for the role of Batman. “I constantly called only on the role of villains, and then I suddenly got to audition for the role of Batman in the author’s “300” by Zack Snyder, when he picked new actors to the role of the Flash, Wonder woman and Batman, the actor recounts. And I half — Indian, half-Hawaiian — it was necessary to portray a white guy Batman. At first I thought is skip the tests, but in the end, we came and played like some kind of thug who stole a suit of man-bat and trying to be cool”. Jason laughs: “I was just awful, all so sarcastic and not at all heroic. But Zach somehow liked it, and he said to me: “You know, I have an idea…”

The actor was offered to play Aquaman! “Still wish I had seen your face when he said it. I thought I was the last person in the world who can play this tough guy! But when the filmmakers explained to me the basic idea, I realized Arthur was such a tormented hero who tries to save people with his power, and it is not always possible. He later learned of his true origins, in the underwater Kingdom he is not welcome on earth, he is also not the most popular guy Arthur at all a loner. And only the father and strong women with whom he was close, lover, mother — help him to become what he was destined by fate itself. It is our environment and faith of loved ones that make us kings, and I know this thanks to my wife and children.”

When Momoa was first tried on the costume was delighted all! The actor himself to assess your outfit, initially I could not, indeed, in the dressing room just didn’t have a mirror, so the first saw Director James WAN on the set! “His face was just puppy enthusiasm, he looked like a child who received a gift. And James even did not say anything, everything was clear without words. And then I called Face Time children, boasted of them new clothes – Lola and Nakoa eyes were like saucers. So I felt absolute happiness!”

Recently premiered the movie in Los Angeles, where the actor led his entire family: his wife Lisa Bonet children Lola and Nakoa-wolf, and the mother Horses Momoa. In addition to the clan Momoa at the premiere of the actors appeared picture “Aquaman”: amber heard, who played the role of Action, the wife of Aquaman, Nicole Kidman, who plays the mother of the protagonist, Dolph Lundgren, has become the screen king Nereus, and others.

The premiere took place at the highest level, and Momoa gave all his energy. During the passage of the red carpet Momoa showed their bulging muscles and ferocity to the performance of ritual dance. The actor, along with colleagues rushed to one knee, and danced a Haka — a ritual dance of the indigenous Maori people settled on the lands of New Zealand. the dance is performed to prepare for battle, as well as during the celebration. Momoa was so pleased to dance the Haka, that he even broke the Trident!

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