Маргарита Агибалова паникует из-за ребенка The former participant “Houses-2” worried about his son’s performance. The heir Margarita Agibalova this year went to the first class. With the beginning of the school year, the reality star is already a reason for concern.

      Son of the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Margarita Agibalova Mitya went to the first class. Despite the fact that the school year has just begun, a young mother have to be nervous. Margaret is very concerned about the behavior and progress of the boy. Their experiences woman shared with followers on Twitter.

      “Oh, someone got first comment. Talking in class, distracted. And to answer the questions shy. So hurt, so did you do all summer, the kid is smart, savvy, but not assembled. Maybe I’m just panicking in advance, can, over time, Mitya will get used and will become more focused? Oh,” Agibalov wrote on his page in the social network.

      Many fans immediately rushed to support the young mother. They felt that there is nothing wrong in nesobrannosti boy, and also suggested that over time, mit will be able to learn to concentrate on their studies. “It’s okay, start a new life, new people, environment. A few months adaptation in children, and then everything will go smoothly, don’t worry!”, “Marguerite, don’t worry about it. He is still adapting. Yet, looks around, recognizes the reaction. It’s still early to react. But alertness and attentiveness are important. All slowly”, “Rita, he’s just more free than others, not less remarkable kids. He still does not understand what is required of him. Imagine yourself in his place. So soon after vacation, summer active, it is necessary to adjust to a serious lad, ” said Margarita followers.

      Those who are constantly monitoring the events in the life of Agibalova, tied restlessness MITI that just recently the whole family returned from Cyprus where they have lived for six months. The boy and his younger sister Bella swam a lot, sunbathed and enjoyed the Sunny warm weather.

      The Margarita is stored patience in order to without much ADO to help do homework with the first grader. Margaret admits that may not always be in control. “To be late first day at school – it’s worse than when she was late, it was not so scary. P. S. okay, I’m just learning to be a mother of a student,” he joked in microblog Agibalova. The Day star knowledge: how the famous, the parents held of the heirs to the line