Салют на День города в Москве: где смотреть

In 2016, the celebration 869-anniversary of the capital, by decree of the government of Moscow, postponed from the first weekend of September on the second. Celebrations will take place on 10 and 11 September.

Holiday fireworks can be viewed only one day: September 10 at 22-00.

It will be given with 32 seats: 12 city playgrounds, and 20 points located in parks.

To admire all this beauty with many sites. The most unique platform SmotriCity in the complex Moscow-city, located on the 58 floor of the “Empire” (only log in to charge, hurry to zabronirovat tickets on the website “Moscow-city-a viewing platform.of the Russian Federation”).

To see the fireworks will be free on city grounds, including Ozernaya alley, Zelenograd sports area and city settlement the Trinity), as well as in the capital’s parks.

By the way, this year the fireworks promise to be particularly original: in the sky, “bloom” smileys, butterflies and flowers. Like we’ve never seen before!

The exact address where you will be the point of launching fireworks 10 Sep 2016

The observation deck:

1. Crimean bridge;

2. Patriarchal bridge;

3. Borodino bridge;

4. The Bagration Bridge;

5. Pushkin bridge;

6. TTK near Moscow-city;

7. The area in front of the main building of Moscow state University;

8. River station.


Park “Victory”;

“Novo-Peredelkino” .


Borisovskiye Prudy.


Park of culture and rest, Izmailovo.


District “Left-Bank”.


“Luzhnetskaya embankment”.


Russian defence sports and technical organization (DOSAAF Rossii po g, it shall inform rsute.ru. Moscow).


District Lianozovo.


The District “South Butovo.”


Zelenograd, lake Avenue, building 8.

the village Troitsk:

the village of Troitsk, Physical, street, ownership 11.