Анна Нетребко устроила сыну незабываемый праздник Opera diva invited the boy friends. Anna Netrebko celebrates the birthday of the heir to Thiago. The actress makes her the heir felt happy in such an important day. Not so long ago the whole family had a wonderful vacation in Spain.

      Opera singer Anna Netrebko celebrates the birth of his son Thiago. The boy was eight years old. For an only child actress with her husband Yusif Eyvazov staged a celebration, the friends gathered their offspring to holiday Thiago is noted not only with family but also with friends. Netrebko congratulated his successor in a microblog.

      “Happy birthday, Tisha! To grow a good person and be happy,” wrote Opera star in the social network.

      Fans were also quick to address a few warm words to the boy. “Happy birthday, Tisha! You are a wonderful boy! Let everything in life will be perfect you, be the happiest in the world!”, “Happiness, baby! Children need to be happy and loved, regardless of who their parents” “Anna, you are a wonderful person and mother! I congratulate you on holiday! Wish happiness to your wonderful family! And Hush would like to wish a happy interesting life, so he was always surrounded by loving people and true friends!” – wished the followers of the son of Netrebko.

      Anna loves her son, and therefore tries to do everything to please his heir even without reason. Not so long ago, she arranged a party for him with sweets. The table was crammed with a variety of desserts.

      A few years ago, the son of the Opera star was the anomaly in development. An autistic boy is hard to communicate with their peers, but photos from the birthday it is possible to judge that Thiago is having a great time in the company of his friends.

      Not long ago, the whole family Opera stars vacationing in Spain. They went to different cities, went on trips to see the main attractions of the Sunny country. Netrebko shared colourful photos with your followers on the microblog, which admired the fact that vacation of celebrities turned out so rich. Also during the trip, Anna and Yusif celebrated the anniversary of the engagement.

      Recall that in late December Netrebko and Eyvazov played a magnificent wedding in the Austrian capital. For a luxurious celebration of Opera artists invited their friends, who came from different countries, to share the joy together with the newlyweds. Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov: luxury Austrian wedding. PHOTO