Стас Ярушин с супругой поделились интимным фото The choice of the actor published the bed. Yarushina hugs her beloved husband, buried him in the chest. Despite the fact that the couple lives together for five years, they managed to keep that spark in the relationship, which was in the beginning of their romance.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Stanislav Yarushin tries to spend a weekend with the family. The actor and his wife Alena have been married for five years, has a daughter Stephanie and a son Yaroslav. However, the couple still talk the way lovers: suit each other surprises, go on dates and have a good time.

      On Monday, the actor’s wife shared in his microblog sensual frame of the bed. In the photo she gently embraces her husband, nuzzling him in the chest. “With the onset of rainy weather, I want to cuddle up to beloved and get under a warm blanket! It’s incredibly soft, cozy and comfortable! Enjoy your purchase!”, – told about their emotions and aspirations.

      The actor and his wife often show pictures with his son and daughter. Heirs will soon become the real stars of Instagram. Fans of the performer of the role of Anton Martynov from the TV series “Univer” admire his children.

      “It’s nice to see a family – a happy husband, wife and children! More such photos from celebrities – a vivid example to follow! Beautiful, smiling, always be!”, “Daughter very much like him”, “Rejoice that you have such a family. No matter what your career, the important thing is that you have them and that they love you,” wrote the followers under one of the frames of the actor with the children and wife.

      By the way, recently the actor tried his hand as a musician. Stanislav Yarushin has already released an album, and now he is ready to please their fans a full version of the clip “this”, named in honor of the disk. The video will soon appear on the Network on official sites of the artist. While working on the movie, the actor has faced difficulties and almost got injured. “We spent the whole day shooting in the shop, and everything was fine. I don’t have time to recover, when the floor is literally gone from under his feet, – said Stas “StarHit”. – Then we have not been able to determine the depth of the hatch and where it leads. But it looked really like in the horror movies”. Fortunately, filming was completed without serious injury.

      However, outside the set Stanislav behaves quite differently. Family Yarushin very affectionate and calm. “Stas on the screen and Stas in the family – two different people. On set he’s very good at his job, but at home he’s a quiet man and home. Children love him very much, Stephanie always greets him. Screen image of a womanizer and major – it’s not about our dad!”, he told Allen in an interview.