Margarita Agibalova loses weight on a dare with my sister

Маргарита Агибалова худеет на спор с сестрой Stars of the reality show “Dom-2” has decided to arrange a competition. Margarita Agibalova and Olga Gazhienko tend to lose at least five pounds in a month. In case of loss of the former member of the popular project will dramatically change hair color.

      Маргарита Агибалова худеет на спор с сестрой

      Former contestants of the reality show “Dom-2”, sisters Margaret and Olga Agibalova, Kazienko, dream to find a slim figure and shed excess pounds. But they decided not just to become slimmer and to have a contest, to avoid any temptation to stop to keep to a diet. Margarita and Olga promised that the one who does not fulfill the terms of the dispute, will radically change the image.

      “My sister and I decided to bet on the repaint! The essence of the dispute: we both have one month to lose five pounds! If one of us is unable to cope, he lost! And runs to the salon to dye my hair. The dispute began today! And exactly one month we will check to see what they had. Interested? But one will not be accurate! It weights in the frame. I hope you’ll believe our word, and each other, we descent certainly not give. I hope you will support us in the comments and give useful advice on sports and nutrition. I don’t want to be blonde. I want to be a brunette with minus five pounds!” – told all the fans Agibalova.
      Маргарита Агибалова худеет на спор с сестрой

      Despite the fact that Margaret is now with her husband and children in Cyprus, and Olga with my family in Moscow, they are trying to honestly keep a promise to each other. Apparently, Agibalova copes with the diet, and even seem to enjoy it. Every day she share with her fans dishes your diet and voiced the results of the fight against obesity.

      “Good morning. -0.4 per kilogram per day, -1,1 pounds during the dispute. The result is pleasing. Not a hike to be me blonde” – boasted Agibalova.

      While Margaret indulges himself in fruits and vegetables in Cyprus, Olga struggled diet in Moscow. Not long ago she with her husband went to a wedding colleagues in the “House-2” Nelly Ermolaeva, where have not allowed myself to high-calorie delicacies. Nelly Ermolaeva staged lavish wedding: live report from the celebration

      “And when the waiter brought the appetizers, I passed on the smoked herring, Olivier salad. And take only light meals. Although in the past, I’d tried everything. Summary of -200 grams per day and – 400 from the beginning”, – said Olga.

      Fans with great interest watching the competition between the two sisters and admire what the former member decided to set a clear goal and hard to achieve it. “Rita, you need a better on weight, and the amount of interest to lose weight of body weight. You different complexion and not very honest work. I think you will be more difficult”, “Ritulya, thank you, I’m on your photo look and also cook, three days minus 700 grams,” said the fans.

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