Екатерина Климова похвасталась идеальным телом The mother of four children has published a candid shot by the pool. The slender figure of Ekaterina Klimova is not indifferent to the thousands of users of the social network, which hastened to Express their emotions in the address of the actress.

      Екатерина Климова похвасталась идеальным телом

      Eight months ago, Ekaterina Klimova gave birth to the fourth child. Brothers and sister adore little Bella. And the husband of the actress Gela Meskhi does not cease to admire the beauty of the beloved. After birth, the star has come to form very quickly. On all pictures of Catherine on social networks it was evident that her figure has returned to its former harmony in a matter of weeks. However, now fans Klimova was finally able to make sure that it looks perfect.

      The star published in Instagram photo with the sea coast, where it apparently was resting. The picture shows Catherine posing in swimsuit outdoor. Klimova fans were quick to note that her press is impeccable. In addition, they bombarded the star with compliments.

      “This is the mother of four children! Make a post about the secrets of beauty and youth”, “You are very beautiful! Simply chic mom”, “God, You’re perfect”, “how do you do it so gracefully, beautiful and young to look after the birth of multiple children. Admire you good”, “Catherine, well, you definitely possess the elixir of youth and beauty! Share,” wrote the actress followers.
      Екатерина Климова похвасталась идеальным телом

      It is noteworthy that his secret of youth and beauty Ekaterina Klimova share with her fans is in no hurry. Maybe she has and there is no secret, after all, with four kids to sit still – have to spin.

      Ekaterina Klimova showed a tattoo on juicy body parts

      By the way, Klimov conducts with the heirs all his spare time. So, she went along with his sons Corneille and Matthew and daughter Lisa at the premiere of the Disney movie “Alice in Zerkale”, which was held in the Gallery “seasons”. The actress was accompanied by her young husband Gela Meskhi, and the youngest daughter of the family was left in the care of a nanny.

      It should be noted that Klimova husband quickly found a common language with her children from previous marriages. Meskhi helps a actress to raise his sons and daughters.

      Last month Gela celebrated the thirtieth anniversary, and one of the first congratulated his wife. Klimov posted a wonderful frame with your spouse and publicly confessed her love for him. “Happy birthday, my beloved husband. Thank you for everything, love. Be happy,” wrote under a photo star.

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