Marat Basharov worried about the life of a small son

Марат Башаров переживает за жизнь маленького сына
Renowned actor Marat Basharov with his wife Elizabeth Savercool educates year-old son Marcel.

Марат Башаров переживает за жизнь маленького сына

Recently in microblogging Elizabeth’s post appeared, which caused not a little alarmed subscribers women. Elizabeth said that her son was in Turkey picked up the “false croup”.

Марат Башаров переживает за жизнь маленького сына

“With the advent of children, the concept of happiness changes dramatically. For me it is when the child is healthy, fed and happy. We third night without sleep and the second night in a row, call an ambulance. All the worst start in the night: restlessness, and then cough like barking, and all because swelling of the larynx, all accompanied by allergies. And then abruptly wanted to go home, but I understand that there is no sea, no sun. And once in Turkey to go more do not want to, second time here and second time very ill. And all because of a children’s hotel as the camp. A bunch of kids, a lot of infections,” said the woman.

Soon, Marseille will celebrate its second birthday, and the couple has not yet tell what will suit this important day.

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