House Irina Krug entered the thieves

В дом Ирины Круг проникли воры
Recently singer Irina Krug became the victim of thieves who broke into her house.

В дом Ирины Круг проникли воры

A woman with a family at this point was in the house, all this happened at night, so the theft was discovered only in the morning. Irina has not yet announced the amount of damage, but a police report is already written.

В дом Ирины Круг проникли воры

“Irina heard downstairs someone walks, but she thought it was her husband, so quietly asleep. In the morning, the family discovered that the furniture was moved, curtains tied in knots. The criminals left the house via the window in the garage. In a similar situation and were also the owners of two neighbouring houses. Someone even set off the alarm, but to catch criminals immediately failed”, – said the representative of the performer.

It turned out that on this night, the attackers managed to penetrate into several cottages in the rural village.

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