Marat Basharov revealed details of the secret wedding

Марат Башаров раскрыл подробности тайного венчания This year the actor and his common-law wife Elizabeth became the parents of Sevirova. Bride Basharova gave him a son named Marcel. The actor and his girlfriend do not hurry to register their relationship, but the couple has already passed the Muslim wedding ceremony.

      Марат Башаров раскрыл подробности тайного венчания

      In July of this year 42-year-old Marat Basharov became a father for the second time. Beloved artist Elizabeth Shevarkov gave him an adorable son named Marcel. The actor and his fiancee live in a civil marriage, but as it turned out, they were married according to Muslim traditions. In the future, the couple plans to marry in the registry office, but when it happens, does not know. This Basharov and Shevarkov recently told reporters.

      “We have a nikah – Muslim wedding ceremony. Everything was very festive. Came home the Mullah recited prayers… We called guests, set the table with different treats, tea, sweets. Of course, without alcohol. It was interesting”, – said Marat Basharov.

      In turn, the choice of the artist Elizabeth Shevarkov, said that the ceremony was a great surprise for her. When the heir Basharova it has been a week, he had to go by the naming. For this, the lovers are called Mullah, to convince them that it is not good to live unwed. “At the same time and we “married”. I don’t have time to prepare and were very excited,” said Elizabeth.

      The beloved artist also explained why their couple is in no hurry with the wedding.

      “I want to marry the man she loved, but I understand that Marat needs time. He immediately said, “Let’s not jump to any registry office. I promise it will happen, but later,” – said Shevarkov reporters.

      In addition, Basharov explained how his heir. The actor it seems that the baby is growing by leaps and bounds. Marat eagerly waiting for the moment when a child can play outdoor games – football, tennis, hockey. And while the celebrity is happy to babysit with Marcel and soothes him when he cries.

      Recall that in addition to Marseille, Marat Basharov and his girlfriend are raising 12-year-old Amelie, the actor’s daughter from a previous marriage with Elizabeth Crocco. In his interview, the actor talked about the fact that the girl very much awaited little brother. According to celebrity, Amelie lives with him and his common-law wife and visit mom any time I want. “It is love, she is happy, says that’s cool to have two homes,” said Basharov newspaper “Telenedelya”.