The star of the show “I” came to “the House-2” look for love

Звезда сериала «САШАТАНЯ» пришла на «Дом-2» искать любовь Valentina Rubtsova met with participants of the reality show. The actress attended a meeting at Calvary and complained of family problems. According to her, the husband stopped loving her and throws the food she cooks.

      From November 14 on channel TNT kicks off a new season of the popular series I, where one of the main roles played by Valentina Rubtsova. The actress is memorable to all for playing rough but demanding wife. But off screen, the woman seemed to be having difficulties in the family. To remedy the situation, Rubtsova came to you for advice on the reality show “Dom-2”.

      In the videos, appeared in a “StarHit”, the woman talks about the situation with her husband. According to Valentina, her husband fell out of love. Presenter of the show, Vlad Kadoni asked her who she came to the project.

      “Not to anyone, and from whom. I’m married. We are already 8 years together. I want to change something. We have a lot of years, it was all good. But now he throws away the food that I cook for him, and he eats some snack bars, flirting with girls,” complained Valentina.

      However, as noted by an actress in such a relationship has its advantages. “He doesn’t care what I look like: thick or thin. And he recently got a tattoo with my name on it”, – said Valentina with participants of the reality show. “StarHit” said, what were the real intentions of the Scar.

      “I came to the “House-2” because my relationship with my husband started to cool down, I wanted something to change, ask for advice. What this means — see for yourself. I liked it there, nice people, kind and beautiful. “Dom-2” is a wonderful project. Why don’t I go in? I was on the set the second time I’ve done this before in the same scenery in the program “Big difference”. By the way, did a parody of Xenia Borodin. But that was long ago, in 2008. Yesterday, I spent there half day, we had an enjoyable visit with the participants, I think we should meet more often”, – said the actress.

      Resident “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov was shocked when Rubtsou appeared in the clearing. “I want to live here,” says into the camera actress. According to her, she’s not going to change her husband, but just wants to “make love”. Elijah offers her his candidature as the new darling on what gets issue from Valentina: “who are you?”. Yabbarov surprised because he thinks that it knows the whole country.

      We will remind that Valentina Rubtsova removed, along with Andrew Giulana in the series I 2013. The picture is a spin-off of “Uni”. The heroes who played Valentine and Andrew in the popular sitcom, grew up and started a family. In the second season of the young family bought the apartment in the mortgage, and her head Sasha, working as an insurance Manager, is making every effort to all have enough money.