Marat Basharov made a fire in the Department OVD

Марат Башаров устроил стрельбу в отделении ОВД
On the TNT channel will premiere the four-part tragicomedy “Drunk firm”.

Marat Basharov

Photo: TNT

In the first episode of the series “Drunk firm” brilliant doctor Gregory Piece performed by Michael Efremova try to cope with a drunken chief of police Glorybower (played by Marat Basharov), who, armed with a colt cowboy, began to celebrate the New year early right in the police station.

“I play in this picture of an officer by the name Hilariou. Written and directed by Gregory of Constantinople came up with a name for my character and she probably speaks for itself. If the fish rots from the head, my character has rotted completely. Honor rotten, rotten mind, rotten conscience. And so he drank it. This man, in which nothing sacred. He drank all his life, and most importantly — a human face. These people play is very interesting, but scary,” talked about his role in the TV series Marat Basharov.

New four-part Comedy series TNT “Drunk firm” is a story about a brilliant doctor Gregory Piece Mikhailovich (Mikhail Efremov) who treats rich people binge on one only known to him method. What role in his life played the neighbor promoter (Ivan Makarevich), police Hilariou (Marat Basharov), the chief physician, Anastasia G. (Elizaveta Boyarskaya), Boris Yeltsin (Sergey Koltakov), Michael Jackson (Ingeborga Dapkunaite) and the rest of the characters, you know, watching this incredible story. In addition to unprecedented for TNT casting, “Drunk firm” is another experiment from the channel: a collaboration with a famous Director Grigory Konstantinopolsky (“Eight dollars and a half”, “Kitty”), who managed to shoot at the same time very personal, and completely of the author’s popular series. About love, about geniuses and fools, about the Russian drunk and the Russian soul, about destiny and God, villainy and justice. About how difficult it is to find the meaning of life and how easily all in one moment to lose.