Alexander Revva tired to walk in heels

Александр Ревва устал ходить на каблуках
In Moscow finished shooting the movie “Transformer”.

Александр Ревва устал ходить на каблуках

Alexander Revva

Photo: Press service

Alexander Revva finally returned to his
usual appearance after a few months of filming “the female body”. The entertainer starred in the Comedy
By Marius Weisberg titled “Transformer”, which was produced together
with the Director.

Revva played two
characters: con artist Sanya and female middle-aged Alexandra Pavlovna
Fishman, which transforms an enterprising crook.

in order to become a Sled, it took me about an hour, Alexandra Pavlovna
Fishman every day I was turned in for four hours, and another hour back to Alexander Revva,
— shared with actor. Virtuoso
prosthetics for me, was doing the make-up of the company FXProLab, and I am very
thank them for their cooperation. At the same time I “sculpted” is not only the face but also
the figure, including almost a real female bust. First we pondered the way
old wrinkled Granny Kuzminichna, already promoted in the Comedy club. But
then decided to stay on the middle-aged woman. The Prototype Of Alexandra
Pavlovna Fishman was my mother, who herself starred in this picture as my
aunt. I was not hard to transform Alexandra Pavlovna, because
any difficult situation I thought – and would be my mom? Most
my big problem was the heels. Walking in them was difficult, you could say it has become one of my crown of tricks. (Laughs) we Have
picture a mix of genres: there is a mystery, a romance and road movie, and
elements of Thriller, stunts, and magic of transformation. It’s a family movie.
Will laugh both children and parents and grandparents”.

Interestingly, the idea of the picture belongs
Alexander Revva. This was told by Marius Weisberg.

“For many years we’ve been friends with Sasha and wanted to do
the joint project, — said the Director. — I offered him to star in the project “Love in
big city” — in the role of angel in the end well played, Philip. I always wanted to find Revva good, interesting project. It
a talented comedian, he has a very textured face, Sasha in a sense —
Russian Celentano. And when he told me this story about a gambler-loser,
which has to change into his own aunt to get away from the chase
I said OK, I like this idea. And now we work together.”

In the center of the plot — a young man Sasha, a swindler, and the king of reincarnation. For
his career as a small-time crook Sanya transformed into hundreds of different
characters. From ‘ brother to the Prosecutor, from gigolo to an old lady with a legacy — he
perfectly makeup and perfectly played any role. It was all fun and
relaxed, but one day “something went wrong”! Sasha stole the expensive car
which turned out to be a case of compromising on some very dangerous people. Now it
looking for literally everything. One way out is to “lay low”, and Sasha decides
to sit in a nursing home, transformed into its own elderly aunt.
So, in a new way Alexandra Pavlovna Fishman, a new life begins Sani twist of fate that will give him love and make him a decent

Also in the film starred Philip Kirkorov, who played himself, and Natalia Ionova — she got the role of the beloved main character.

Alexander Revva

Photo: Press service