Marat Basharov: “If this goes on it will go to the Pastor!”

Марат Башаров: «Если так дальше пойдет — уйду к Навке!»
The actor is trying to rebuild their lives.

Marat Basharov and Tatiana Navka

Marat Basharov again wants to participate in the ice show. The actor admitted that after the scandalous breakup with Catherine Ancharovoj Ilya Averbukh no longer offering him cooperation. But Marat literally sleeps and sees again to take the ice. Long period of life, connected with figure skating (the first “Ice age”, then show “big city Lights”) left Basharova the most pleasant memories. Marat is not hiding he is waiting for that Averbukh will again invite him to do something, but all his expectations from time to time are not met.

Recently Marat through the press appealed to Averbukh. He asks to restore a business relationship. “The work in the show “Stars on ice” Ilya Averbuch. It was brilliant. Then we gave concerts and performance on ice and toured all over the country. We took gorgeous, and abroad too. There’re our a lot they miss you and always we are told: “Come again!” I would go back if Ilya called me. With a great pleasure. It was the perfect time. The year we worked in Sochi with a performance of “city Lights”. Then Ilya did “Carmen” — and I wasn’t invited. After “Romeo and Juliet”. I wasn’t invited…” — sadly admitted Marat.

If Elijah don’t invite him to his next show, Basharov threatened to leave the project for Tatiana Navka. And if she doesn’t take it to Evgeny Plushenko. The actor had no doubt that eventually “break through” to one of ice ideas.

“Take this opportunity to appeal to Elijah: “If this goes on it will go to the Navka!”. Tatiana, as a producer, prepares his show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, — said Marat with WomanHit. — If, too, will not call — go to Plushenko!” By the way, not so long ago the actor attempted to regain friendship with Tatiana Tarasova. Basharov asked the famous coach to take him back “under the wing”.