The wife of the deceased Oleg Yakovlev made a statement about his illegitimate child

Жена скончавшегося Олега Яковлева сделала заявление о его внебрачном ребенке
Who turned against Alexandra Kutsevol war in the media?

Oleg Yakovlev and Alexander Kutsevol


In June of this year the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev died as a result of cardiac arrest. After his departure, as often happens after the death of famous people, the press published a lot of conflicting information. Great interest was aroused by the statement of one of the media where it was reported that the singer is the illegitimate child that he hid all his life. Allegedly the journalists even had an audio recording of an unpublished interview Yakovlev, where he admitted that he became a father. This child was supposed to inherit the vast fortune of the alleged dad.

The truth about a mysterious illegitimate child artist recently told his civil spouse — Alexander Kutsevol. Wife sure son Oleg was not, and he said this in jest. “Oh, it’s funny. It was an ordinary sitting on the bench, where he blurted out, they say, but there are children. He always jokingly said: “Yes, I have a bunch of kids across the country” because often asked this question — Oleg tired of it!” — confessed lover Yakovlev.

The death became for her a serious challenge. After all, besides the fact that Kutsevol lost a loved one, she was subjected to harassment. Alexander openly stated: she knows who’s behind the recent scandal with the grave of the singer. We will remind, not so long ago in the Network there was much discussion of what Oleg’s wife threw her husband’s grave. They say that she is even a monument at the burial has not established what it was vigorously criticized by fans of the star. Alexander complains all the scandals in the press related to her husband was the handiwork of one and the same person. Supposedly some journalist had a serious conflict with Yakovlev. She is, according to koziol, the author of “tales” about Oleg.

“She often flashes on the screen, introduced himself as a journalist, goes on a talk show makes money that way. I usually try not to react to such things. But when I received the news about the grave, I could not remain silent. This lady took part in all the programs about Yakovlev. Said that is his girlfriend. In its latest version — Oleg even chose, with whom to live — with her or with me. And then started hounding me. She accused me of not only what is possible. Could not calm down. Although after the death of Oleg it’s been 5 months. And then I decided to make public a video that was kept from me in 2013. For the record, Oleg says just that lady. He didn’t want to see her, so she never approached us. Then he insulted any publication made on its behalf!” — quoted Alexander