Manufacturers hoverboards has sued Jennifer Lopez

Производители ховербордов подали в суд на Дженнифер Лопес

Jennifer Lopez accused of breach of contract. The singer and actress sued producers hoverboards – skateboards modifitsirovannyh with antigravitation instead of wheels. Company Sidekick Group Corp appealed to the court in MDM accuses 47-year-old celebrity cheating.

As reported by TMZ, especially for the concert of J. Lo’s company has improved and gave the singer a 42 hoverboard for her show (and, mind you – totally free). Mega-performance of “All I Have” was held in Las Vegas on “cheers,” and Lopez used the company’s products. Instead, she had to advertise hoverboards are on their pages in social networks Twitter and Instagram, but didn’t. She wrote a post about them only once, and an hour later deleted the message.
Now the aggrieved party demands that Jennifer returned them 54 thousand dollars for the hoverboards are provided by the company, which also has been improved for the show. Representatives of Lopez has not commented on the news.