Dzhigan accused of plagiarism songs Mushrooms

Джигана обвинили в плагиате песни группы Грибы

Famous Russian rapper dzhigan was in the midst of the scandal. 31-year-old contractor accused of stealing songs, or, simply, plagiarism.

Recently djigan presented his new song called “Days and nights”, and the tune it seemed to many very much like the fresh hit of the group “Fungi” “ice Melts”.

“Premiere! Presenting the new song day and night – dance track about endless love” — written by djigan, presenting his new creation in the social network.
Social networks buzzed that the rapper stole that melody from their colleagues, not having the imagination to come up with something different.
And while in the musical field Dzhigan storm, on the personal front, he’s terrific. Recall that the wife of rapper she is now pregnant with my third child. The couple has two daughters, and now their family will have a new baby.