Мама Какс: 5 вещей о любимой модели Рианны

Мама Какс: 5 вещей о любимой модели Рианны

Rihanna and other stars mourn mom’s death Kaaks, which showed people with disabilities, what heights they can achieve. She was a famous model whose activity has amazed many.

Hard to forget Mom Kaaks, explaining why many people, including Rihanna, have flooded Twitter, after the iconic model, died on 16 December when she was only 30 years old. In the industry, where one body type dominates the luxury catwalks, Kaaks (real name of Laxmi Brutus) brought much-needed diversity to the model catwalks of the world, walking with prosthetic leg. Sad news about the death of Haitian-American model was not uncovered until until 20 December issued a statement in her Instagram. Just eight days after she Kaks said that she was suddenly taken to the emergency room in time pit-stop in London.

Мама Какс: 5 вещей о любимой модели Рианны
In his post on Instagram Kaaks told that the doctors “dismissed” from the pain, which only “aggravated” the next day. Kaaks requested that her hotel called an ambulance, and then a clot was discovered in her leg, thigh and abdomen of CACs. Earlier, she had installed a filter to block the ingress of clots to the lungs — the remainder of her battle with cancer in adolescence, explained Kaaks. Now, here’s what you need to know about the legacy that the Profit left in the simulation and disability.
1. Bone and lung cancer led to the amputation of his leg Kaaks. Kaaks was only 14 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer and shortly thereafter received a hip replacement. After her body rejected the replacement, right leg amputated Kaaks.
2. Kaaks was at the podium Savage x Fenty and the White House. Loss of leg Kaaks meant that she had to walk with a prosthesis and crutches, but this did not prevent her to break barriers and to be invited to the exhibition “Design for all in the White house” in 2016. Debut York Fashion Week, and Chromat”s Spring 2019, and most recently, she appeared on the show Savage x Rihanna Fenty in September 2019. Kaks also modeled for Tommy Hilfiger and ASOS.

3. Stars such as Rihanna and Jamila Jamil, awarded Kaaks emotional danami. Given the Sensitive work with the Savage x Fenty, Rihanna wrote on Twitter: “the Queen. Power. Powerful beauty that brought her strength to @savagexfentystage this year, has inspired many around the world.” Meanwhile, Jamila wrote: “My beautiful friend was the most outstanding role model. Mom Kaaks was a survivor of cancer, a model and activist”.
4. Kaks wrote a blog, named after himself. Multi-talented woman has shared posts about beauty, lifestyle, travel, fashion and much more. Her last blog entry was dated October 29, 2019.
5. Kaks had a double degree. She received a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in international relations.

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