Принц Джордж мило готовит рождественский пудинг с Великой Королевой бабушкой Елизаветой

Принц Джордж мило готовит рождественский пудинг с Великой Королевой бабушкой Елизаветой

Prince George — a new Royal Baker! Six year old boy looked so cute, cooking Christmas pudding, together with his great grandmother Queen Elizabeth, grandfather Prince Charles and dad Prince William!

Prince George, 6 years old, just stole our hearts on these new photos! The little boy was spotted when learning to cook classic Christmas pudding with his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, 93, grandfather Prince Charles, 71, and dad Prince William, 37 years! “The Queen is patron of the British Legion, and puddings will be the Central elements of the Christmas meetings of the charity organization”, Buckingham Palace tweeted on Saturday, October 21, adding that the baking was conducted by the chef of the house of the Legion and attended on him. “Four generations of the Royal family represent a cross section of those who supported the Legion, from children of staff to veterans of the Second world war,” — said in a statement.

The photographs show little George, mixing the ingredients with a wooden spatula in a big white bowl on my own! His grandfather Prince Charles, it seemed, was explaining the next step in the recipe, because curious George is intently listening to grandpa. In the UK the traditional Christmas pudding is usually consists of dried fruit — plums, prunes or raisins, rum, walnuts and cinnamon. Then pudding is usually baked and served like a pie as a dessert after dinner! According to the version made by Prince George, the Royal British Legion has actually introduced a new ingredient, according to Buckingham Palace it — poppy seeds.
George looked absolutely adorable in a classic white shirt (perhaps not the best choice for baking classes) with the collar and blue piping at the center. The Queen picked up the outfit in the tone of the young heir, in her blue tweed dress, a stunning silver necklace, and her trusty black handbag. Her son Charles wore the classic pinstripe suit. Prince William was in a black suit and tie.

A family baking session happened in the Music room at Buckingham Palace earlier this month, but was not released into the network until Saturday, December 21. The images are part of the campaign “Together for Christmas” Royal British legions, which aims to support veterans and current British armed forces during the holiday season. More of the day’s events — in particular, cakes of Prince George — can also be included in the annual broadcast of the Christmas Queen!
George recently drew all the attention of fans of the Royal family, at their family Christmas card with dad Prince William with mom Kate Middleton, 37, and brothers and sisters, Princess Charlotte, 4 years old, and Prince Louis, 1!

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