Mama Elena Yakovleva almost ruined the career of a daughter

Мама Елены Яковлевой чуть не испортила карьеру дочери
The actress invited his mother to the set, not knowing what might happen next.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Yakovleva in his interview remembered a funny episode, which, however, could end badly for the artist. Elena starred by Innokenty Smoktunovsky Leonid Pchelkina in the movie “the Heart is not stone” by Ostrovsky. And the set came mom Yakovleva from Kharkov. “I don’t know exactly, but I assume that mom and myself had once dreamed about the scene, — says Elena. In her youth she collected photographs of Soviet artists and on the back wrote their filmographies. Endlessly running in the movie. Despite the fact that my mother was born and grew up in the village, and the nearest cinema was at the station. To go there we had to walk five kilometers. And every day mom would come all the way there and back to see the same picture. Movies because then twisted by month. I think the attraction to a movie mom had an ulterior motive…”

And here the actress was able to take mom to the shooting. Seeing the site of Innokenty Mikhailovich with his trademark sly smile, the woman seemed to quiver all over. In her collection of photos was a photo of him… “In General, conversations in Kharkov in the yard on the bench already from the very fact of the meeting would be enough for three years of laughs, Yakovlev. — But here he comes to us with his mother: “Who is this such a beautiful beautiful woman? This mom is such a wonderful actress? Of course, only such a beautiful woman could have such a wonderful…” — and so on. Mom, of course, all flowed. And overwhelms her emotions said, “Can I kiss you?” Need to know my mom, when she kissed all the artists with whom I was acquainted… That with Smoktunovsky they kissed… Started shooting. In that scene, I brought the Cinema for a glass of water. He played the dying: I lay in bed, in pain, groaned and reached out to me with trembling hands. I hear the voice of the Director: “Stop! Cut! Thank you, Polly, everything is fine”. “No, Leon, I want to know my audience as impression. We do for them, for the audience, remove. Valeria Pavlovna, — he turns to my mother, — how well I played?” My mother, who was standing all this time behind the camera and watched the excitement was covered with red spots and gave “it seemed to Me that you’re just a little beat”. The Playground was silent. Everyone stared at the innocent Mikhailovich, fearing his reaction. But he swallowed and turned to pale Pchelkina: “See, Leon, did not like. So, remove the second double”. Home my mother rode in silence. Just approaching the house, I said, “Mom, I do still need quite a long time to be in this picture… And what to do now? You’re whole career was ruined for me”.

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