Aguilera made a surprise youngest son on his 19th birthday

Орбакайте сделала сюрприз младшему сыну на его 19-летие
The singer visited Denis Baysarov in London.

Denis Baysarov and Christina Aguilera

Photo: Instagram Christina Aguilera

Best greetings to your birthday Denis Baysarov
received from my mom. Christina Aguilera flew to London, where he studied it
the younger son. “What a gift the best birthday? To be with his beloved Mother.
Thank you that you came to congratulate me, I love you is unreal,” admitted the culprit

Apparently, it was a surprise for Denis, which is native
decided to please him for the 19th anniversary. “Happy birthday, my son! I’m so happy
to be with you this day! Be happy and successful in your interesting ideas! All
would be great, I’m sure,” says Christine.

Aguilera often tries to gather all his family. So, a few months ago 25-year-old Nikita Presnyakov, Denis and their five year-old sister Claudia vacationed together in Miami.

And soon the whole family will have another reason
to come together. On July 27, the planned wedding of Nikita Presnyakov and Alena
Krasnova. At the celebration, we invited almost 200 people, including the famous
grandparents of the groom.