Макеева устроила бывшему мужу «лучший» день рождения
The actress originally congratulated Gleb Matveychuk on the anniversary.

Anastasia Makeeva with a friend

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Makeeva originally congratulated happy birthday ex — husband, musician Gleb Matveychuk. The actress has filmed and posted a video that showed how having fun, riding on a boat on the Volga.

In the video, the star
sexy bathing suit spinning in front of the camera so as to imply that Gleb lost a lot, parting with her.

“It’s the most magical birthday of my ex-husband! — laughing, said Nastya. — Happy birthday, Gleb! It is only
beginning, it will be even better!”

Congratulations Nastia sounds very ironic, to say the
mocking. Because the Matveychuk today is not just a birthday: he celebrates round anniversary 35th anniversary. Moreover, the double anniversary: ten years ago, Gleb graduated from the theater
school. Schepkin.

By the way, divorce Gleb and Nastya not yet issued. Official
date of dissolution of marriage — July 8. Many had hoped, one
of the most beautiful couples of the show business will reconcile, forgetting old grudges.

But this did not happen. Anastasia is firm in his
the decision to part with Gleb. Moreover, the actress
ready to move on and is even going to hold a “casting suitors”.

It’s the most magical birthday of my ex-husband!?? #sunset #evening #boat #Makeeva #Volga #rest #relax

A video posted by Anastasia Makeeva (@makeevan) on Jun 28, 2016 at 3:57 am PDT

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