Владимир Кристовский посвятил песню девушке друга
The group Uma2rman has released a music video for the song “the Beast”.

Владимир Кристовский посвятил песню девушке друга

Vladimir Kristovskiy and Sergey Kristovskiy

Photo: press service of the group

Only one day it took the film crew to shoot a video of the band Uma2rman for the new song “Beast”.
The clip was directed by Igor Shmelev. The platform for filming was the ship “Brusov”
in Park “Muzeon”.

In the story, the video takes place in a big city
where the main character first met his
love. In the video various times and space are intertwined in a story
the past flows into the present and becomes absolutely real.

the crew video for the song “the Beast”

Photo: press service of the group

All that is there, the hero is memories and one
the VHS cassette, where everything is about her, blond
beast, played by actress Kate Inberg. The main characters fooling around in the bathroom, dancing on
deck, singing along on stage. Beautiful
love story, the finale of which will see the end of the clip.

By the way, the heroine of the clip is
a real prototype. One day a friend told Vladimir Kristovskiy about your feelings for an amazing girl named Anna and
asked to write a song. Two days later the track was ready. And now this song made a video.

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