Визажист Карл Рэй о работе с Мишель Обамой и другими влиятельными женщинами

Michelle Obama and Carl ray

Carl ray, makeup artist from Washington, the owner of a cosmetic Studio One80. He has worked with some of the most influential women in politics, including former first lady Michelle Obama, Supreme court justices, Nancy Pelosi and Sonia Sotomayor. SPLETNIK.RU tells his success story.

The first steps in the profession

Carl was first introduced to makeup when he was 14 years old. As a child, he loved to watch his mother in the mornings doing make-up.

I’m often asked how to help her, and said can do it better. When my parents were going through a divorce, I realized that when helping her to paint, thus make her happy. I filled the void inside, creating something beautiful and making her feel better and look prettier

he said in an interview with Popsugar.

Визажист Карл Рэй о работе с Мишель Обамой и другими влиятельными женщинами
Carl Ray

For some time ray threw up on being a makeup artist and re-became interested in makeup, only when he was a little more than twenty. He worked as a consultant-makeup artist at the store EFX in D.C. (now called Bluemercury), which sold hair products, soap, body products and beauty tools:
I once did the bride’s makeup at her wedding day. Then pictures of this girl got the magazine the Washingtonian. There was published a small article about me. It turns out, friend of the bride was the chief editor of this publication. She took pictures of how I do makeup. After that I went to the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Washington (D.C.) and asked if they needed a makeup artist. Carl took on the job. There he worked for 15 years and met many influential people.

Визажист Карл Рэй о работе с Мишель Обамой и другими влиятельными женщинами

Makeup for politicians

I’m not very interested in politics. I have my citizenship, but I prefer not to talk about it. To senior clients-politicians, I am just like everybody else,

he said.

Ray was painting a member of the U.S. Supreme court Sonia Sotomayor on the day of her oath, worked with justice Elena Kagan, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a member of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi and politician-Democrat Valerie Jarrett.

Most of these women I signed a non-disclosure agreement because it’s important for me to maintain the level of trust and loyalty. They want the same as everyone else. I’m doing everything I can to make them look and feel beautiful, regardless of their occupation, position or fame. Just be the best version of yourself. That’s my motto. Of course, there are some nuances in this work that need to be taken into consideration, because these women are not models and policies. People can be quite picky, it is important and the event for which you do makeup, it could be a state dinner and a round table. In these cases, I prefer to do sudovy makeup. No bright lips or Smokey.


Work with Michelle Obama

When I worked at the Four Seasons, I received an email from the White house asking if I wanted to interview for the position of makeup artist Michelle. They sent me three pictures of beauty looks that she loves and asked if I could come in and do her makeup. Of course I said Yes! I was so nervous. I walked and thought: “Just do what you can, and be honest, be yourself.” I told her nervous, and she giggled. I did her makeup, and after three days they called me and asked me if I wanted to come back, and then called me again and again.

Визажист Карл Рэй о работе с Мишель Обамой и другими влиятельными женщинами

Since then, Karl began to travel the world with Michelle. It was 10 years ago. He worked with the first lady of the United States three to five days a week, depending on how many events were planned. Sometimes we had to create three beauty image a day.

In the morning she could go with children to visit, then shoot for the cover of the magazine, and in the evening to take diplomats from all over the world. I painted her for the filming of the Ellen DeGeneres, did the makeup for the official portrait of the first lady. It was a roller coaster, the time just flew. Fortunately, I always knew for four to six months, when I she will need, so could plan your life

recalled makeup artist.

Over the years ray did make Michelle for almost all official events to meet with the Pope and Nelson Mandela, for the second inauguration. Even helped to create a portrait of Obama:
I helped the artist pick up the paint. I never thought I’d say what shades to use: “Is the color of the chin. This is the color for the forehead.” Great experience!Now schedule the makeup artist a little quieter. Carl recently accompanied Michelle during her promotional tour of her book “the Establishment” (she broke the record sales of the bestseller “Fifty shades of grey” by E. L. James):

We drove around and now getting ready to go to the second stage of her book tour, which includes 22 cities.

Визажист Карл Рэй о работе с Мишель Обамой и другими влиятельными женщинами

Michelle loves sudovye lips, wide-open look, accented cheekbones. Usually the makeup artist uses warm colors, a little money for contouring and a highlighter.
She’s the most inspirational person that I was sitting in my chair

— talks about his favorite client ray.

Working with men

Ray has worked with several politicians-men and claims that it is a different story:
With men it’s pretty simple. “Well, let’s make this quick,” they say. Several times I have been doing makeup for Barack Obama, he had performed on television.

Usually makeup artist aligns the client-male skin tone, apply powder, lip balm and lightly puts eyebrows if they are very naughty.

Визажист Карл Рэй о работе с Мишель Обамой и другими влиятельными женщинами

About the future

I hope to see more women in politics. I would like to think that we are moving in the right direction. I hope to see a woman President, which would be running our country. Women have so many offers and I have a feeling that we are waiting for something wonderful ahead

— said Carl.

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