"Бомбы" для душа, сыворотка с розой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The experts at Lush have also created a special “bomb” for the shower, Jo Malone has released a fragrance with notes of leather, while the range of Artistry a personal serum for beauty and glowing skin — and beauty-new products of the week talk in our review.

The “bomb” for the soul, Lush

Yes, Yes, you guessed right, we are not talking about “bombs” for bath, which dissolve and color the water in all colors of the rainbow, and the vehicle for the soul. It looks, however, almost as. “The bomb” it is necessary to hold under a stream of water, watching as it swells and increases in volume. Then take a deep breath, feeling around you is a cloud of essential oils.

Use the foam to cleanse body, parts or whole, while “bomb” is not over. A choice of several flavors: Karma is the signature scent of Lush with notes of patchouli, orange, lavender, pine and lemongrass; awakening a new product called “No sleep” with notes of Sicilian lemon, lime and Brazilian orange. There are “bomb” and for recuperation, for example, after a grueling workout in a gym — “Koyaaniskatsi” with lavender, vanilla and ylang-ylang. But to go into the realm of Morpheus will help “Lavender dreams”.

Aroma Bronze Wood & Leather, Jo Malone (50 ml — 6 400 rubles, 100 ml — 9 600 rubles)

For those who want to update their perfume wardrobe, I advise you to pay attention to the novelty of the British brand Jo Malone London. In the collections Cologne Intense appeared quite atypical for the brand Cologne Bronze Wood & Leather. Western perfume critics compare it with the smell of a new suede bag: it reveals a rich leather accord, wrapped with spicy wood.

The flavor turned out smoky and warm, like an expensive cigar. New tinted bright notes of juniper, grapefruit and vetiver. And if combined with the Wood Sage and Sea Solt with light sea trail, you get a mind-blowing combination!

"Бомбы" для душа, сыворотка с розой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

"Бомбы" для душа, сыворотка с розой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

"Бомбы" для душа, сыворотка с розой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Personal serum for beauty and glowing skin Artistry Signature Select (from 5 200 RUB. per set)

Now, to make individual serum, not necessarily to go to the beautician. The experts of Artistry has created a tool that adapts to the needs of your skin and fights with multiple imperfections simultaneously.

Universal base, consisting of water saturated with phytonutrients from plant sources (acerola cherry, black currant, green tea, pomegranate, and spinach) mixed with concentrates. You can select up to three options depending on the needs: moisturizing, brightening, firming, anti-wrinkle, brightening and smoothing skin tone.

"Бомбы" для душа, сыворотка с розой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The creators of the new pay attention that cheat and use each tool separately will not work. Because the concentrates have enhanced formulas for the optimal ratios of ingredients they need to mix with the base. If you don’t want to bother with the choice of “additives”, Signature Select, you can purchase ready-made kits with one concentrate, for example, “Moisturizing”, “Clarification” or “Lifting”.

Limited edition Prisme Libre face powder and lipstick Le Rouge Givenchy

In 2019, ahead of the Chinese New year (it is celebrated on the fifth of February) Givenchy traditionally adorns the packaging of two star products of the makeup. This time loose powder Prisme Libre (in four pastel shades) and lip stick Le Rouge (shade N°325) “dressed” in a Golden-red boxes with floral patterns, which symbolize the spring flower festival in Asia.

First collector means decorated with images of clover — based collections spring-summer of 2018, created by Claire waight Keller.

"Бомбы" для душа, сыворотка с розой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Absolue serum Revitalizing Eye Serum, Lancome (12 678 RUB.)

Lancome has introduced a new tool updated collection Absolue — a serum to the skin around the eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum Absolue. The stock is a favorite ingredient of the brand — rose, or rather complex consisting of extracts of flowers of roses of different varieties. The first component is the natural stem cells of the rose Lancome (in 1973, George Dilbar specially brought it for the brand) combined with extracts of cabbage rose and the damask rose from which the rose essential oil and rose concentrate Absolue cream Soft Cream. The serum works on the principle of Botox — relaxes the delicate skin around the eyes, thereby reducing wrinkles.

The ideal complement to the serum to fully restore and nourish the skin will be already familiar to fans of the brand Absolue Precious Cells mask is like a jam from rose petals.

"Бомбы" для душа, сыворотка с розой и другие бьюти-новинки недели

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