Мадонна оскорбила Шэрон Стоун и Уитни Хьюстон

On the Hollywood Olympus scandal is gaining momentum: the flamboyant 58-year-old Madonna is negatively expressed in the address of the actress Sharon stone and the late singer Whitney Houston. However, she’s done it in the early 90s. Madonna wrote a letter addressed to the person, whom she named “Jay.” In it the singer called stone and Houston “terribly mediocre”. A letter will be put up for auction.

The American media are actively discussing the growing scandal involving the cult of celebrity – Madonna, Sharon and Whitney. A week will auction auction Gotta Have Rock’n’roll and they will be hot. Because the main lot was a letter just a couple of lines where the singer Madonna criticizes her friends stone and Houston. The star wrote that it was very disappointing to Whitney Houston with her music career, and Sharon stone with the career of the actress. According to Madonna, a reputation she would like to own, but never wanted to be these women, because they are so terribly mediocre. Outrageous singer believed that the stone and Houston always exalt some samples benefactors, and humiliated her.
The incriminating letter all these years kept Darlene Lutz is the best friend of Madonna and her personal consultant in the field of painting. The woman decided to earn some money and put a personal conversation with the singer for auction. The initial cost of the letter from 3 thousand dollars. Note that Madonna pleaded with Darlene in 2005. Then the singer claimed that a friend sold her the painting for 336 thousand dollars and did not repay the money.
Madonna chose not to comment on the controversial letter. But Sharon stone, accused of “mediocrity”, spoke about the writing. Surprisingly, the actress did not add fuel to the fire and provoke a scandal. She did what a wise woman smoothed the conflict and supported Madonna. In his Instagram stone put a photo with the singer and wrote a touching post. She stressed that to publish someone else’s letter is absurd, and noted that, despite the written correspondence, is a friend of Madonna. Sharon also admitted that he really felt mediocre when I wanted to be a rock star. At the end of her message, the star added: “I love and adore you. Sharon”.