Ex-husband of Svetlana Zeynalova seeking contact with the “special” child

Экс-супруг Светланы Зейналовой ищет контакт с «особенным» ребенком The man is not easy to perceive the communication with her daughter. Svetlana Zeynalov brings eight years, Alexander together with the civil husband Dmitry. The girl’s father left the family, but now doing everything to make contact.
Экс-супруг Светланы Зейналовой ищет контакт с «особенным» ребенком

In 2008, TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalov first became a mother. She gave birth to a daughter Alexandra. When she was eighteen months old, doctors noticed the peculiarities of its development and was diagnosed with autism. The woman said that her husband could not accept the harsh reality and left the family.

The presenter had to cope with life’s difficulties. After a while the man found the strength to communicate with the child and reconnected with his ex-wife. However, Svetlana realizes that he is not easy to perceive the daughter, but because she tries to do everything, so they found common ground.

“He has his own life, and we must be careful that, God forbid, this life is not to influence. It’s still very subtle highlights. Of course, dad in the perception of communication with their child. It’s probably not brewed every day like I do. Appears occasionally, and so you have to explain to him that it is possible to do, and what not,” admitted Zeynalov.

Svetlana appreciates the fact that Sasha’s father cares about in her life. She happily talks to the former chosen one about some of the subtleties of communication with the child.

“Sasha can show your character, dad is frightened. I have to give him psychological help, or explain what you need in any situation, be calm, collected. Quietly poking around. But he tries,” said the presenter.

Now in the privacy Zeynalova’s all good. She lives together with her partner Dimitri. The woman admitted that he was able to approach her child. The man began to carry out with Sasha a lot of time. Svetlana admitted that the chosen one is literally opening up for girls a new world. It is believed that children with autism are scared of everything new. However, the man was able to overcome the successor of the woman’s fear. Now she enjoys walks in the parks and shopping centers, and also learned how to cross the road at traffic lights, to remember the routes. Svetlana Zeynalov told how her partner adopted a daughter with autism

Despite the fact that Sasha’s father left them with Svetlana, she doesn’t want to dredge up the past. “We all ustakanilos. Time – it all pererastaet”, – Zeynalov confessed in an interview with “TV”.