Катерина Шпица не может простить бывшего мужа The young woman frankly told about the relationship with ex-husband, actor and stuntman Konstantin Adayev. Despite the fact that the spouses decided to separate, they continue to educate son Herman.

31-year-old Katherine Spitz is a happy mother of a charming five year old Herman, who was born in the marriage of the actress with actor and stuntman Konstantin Adayev. Film makers legalized relationships in 2010, however, after some time after the birth of the heir decided to leave. Despite the fact that Katerina and her ex-husband split up, they continue to communicate for my son.

Katherine Spitz revealed the truth about the relationship with her ex-husband

“We now do everything in our power to give a German example of good relations and mutual respect after the breakup, to show that you can be happy separately. Happiness should be taught as well as taught to walk, talk, read. Unhappy parent can give a child this vital skill,” he admitted.

It should be noted that Spitz and Adeva managed to avoid scandals after the divorce. The former lovers are not sued for custody of the child, as often happens when families break up. Katerina believes that in this sense they lead very lucky.

On the other hand, every breakup is a traumatic experience. During the conversation with journalists Katerina told that he experienced pain after he was separated from Constantine. The actress, who is usually extremely reluctantly tells about his personal life, admitted that he still can’t forgive my ex-husband. However, star believes that sooner or later it will happen.

“Fortunately, we both are Bones: we had passed the carve-up of the child, we avoided manipulation and other unpleasant attributes of many human tears. Although the pain of what has destroyed the family, which both dreamed of, is unlikely to pass unnoticed. But I hope that someday we have each other to forgive without a trace for which both failed…” – shared the actress.

During the conversation with reporters Katherine also admitted that her ex-husband is a wonderful father. Adaev tries to spend much time with the child. If Herman falls ill, Constantine tries to visit the baby. “It treats the son better than any antipyretic,” says the actress. Spitz also told that she likes to see how the man communicates with the heir.

“I love listening to them with Herman goofing around and laughing, whispering, sharing secrets. Never going to interfere with their communication and will not tell Herman about dad nothing bad”, – quotes the star edition “Collection Caravan of stories”.