Новая любовница может погубить Бена Аффлека
In the past Lindsay Suckas problems were found.

Ben Affleck


The last time Ben Affleck looking very pleased. Still, he finally
no longer hide his mistress — Lindsay Shukas, which turned out to be
he broke up with Jennifer garner. But friends of the actor fear that this novel
do not bring the bin up to no good.

At first glance, currently the private life of Ben on the sly
arranged. Nearing the completion of his divorce with Jennifer Graner.
Moreover, his ex-wife manages, despite everything, to save him
friendly relations and does not limit his contacts with common children — 11-year-old
Violet, 8-year-old and five-year Serafino Sam. And
the relationship of the actor with Shukas kind of look quite well. They have a lot of
time together and desperately in love with Affleck falling asleep to your favorite expensive

However, Ben lurks in society Lindsay a serious danger. The fact is,
what Affleck admits that he suffered in the past from alcohol addiction. He even
was forced twice to go to the hospital for treatment: for the first time — in the summer of 2001 and the second early this
year. And since Ben was very afraid to go back
to his former pernicious habit, he even hired a special nurse
so she watched him round the clock…

And now he is with Lindsey, which, as it turned out recently, turned out great
lover to drink! She, however, is that the clinic is not reached, but actively uses
alcohol all his life. The Network recently appeared in the document, according to which, the police detained her on the street in a drunken state when Shukas was still a minor.
And as Lindsay, according to eyewitnesses, a lot of the time drinking in the presence of
Ben, a great danger that, looking at her, he, too, may fall…

Recall: Ben started Dating Chucas long,long before
as garner announced the divorce. That’s Lindsay at the time was married —
for producer Kevin Miller… Suckas and Affleck met in 2013, when
Ben was invited to take part in the TV show Saturday Night Life, where Lindy worked
producer. By the way, she has in the past wound up informal relations with
guests of the show. Thus, the media wrote about her novels with actors Jon Hamm (from Mad men)
and Chris Note — the beloved Carrie Bradshaw. But if the affair petered out
pretty quickly, the romance with Affleck was serious…