Мадонна незаконно захватила места для парковки

Singer Madonna, like a magnet, attracts scandals. This time it is not linked to the concerts of the artist, and with her arrogance. In front of his home in new York Madonna has installed signs prohibiting Parking there to all but residents. Neighbors singers determined that she did that illegally, and went to the police.

Arrived on call guards of an order became convinced that the sign “no Parking” and “resident Parking only” and special yellow markings have been installed illegally, and demanded to remove them.
Madonna is now on a world tour Rebel Heart. Representatives of the actress did not comment on the incident with the neighbors – they have enough of what the singer daily. The tour was escorted unhappiness. Viewers constantly complain that Madonna appears with a delay of a few hours. Viewers unhappy with the British star even insulted, and at the last concert in Brisbane even section of the fan, exposing her Breasts.

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