Александр Васильев назвал грудь Волочковой «сбежавшим тестом»

TV presenter and fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev often allows himself unflattering remarks against the stars of domestic show-business. Many of our artists more than once been criticized by a expert due to MIS-matched dresses and shoes for them.

The next “victims” Vasilyev recently become Lena Lenin and Anastasia.

Александр Васильев назвал грудь Волочковой «сбежавшим тестом»

So, the owner of chain nail salons got from Alexander for unnecessarily elaborate hairstyles and the disparity image of the passport age.

“For example, I met several times and talked to Lena Lena. I assure you, she with such hairstyles cannot walk. Lena perfectly adequate, intelligent, confident and tenacious person. But these twists on my head she comes up with exclusively for the public. So it drew attention and remember,” — said Vasilyev.

To address Volochkova such light review do failed and Alexander expressed his opinion about everything — from hair to “shoulders”.

“Anastasia Volochkova too much more luxuriant hair than straightened hair. With curls, it looks much more interesting. But the second image is just awful: bad styling, insanely bright dress with gold appliques, stressing the “giant’s” shoulders. And chest, which suddenly looks like an escapee from the bowl the dough. You agree that the image in white much more elegant?” — quoted Vasilyev press.

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