Лиза Боярская рассказала, почему прячет сына

Lisa boyar became a mother in 2012. The actress and her husband Maxim Matveev was born a boy Andrew.

Since the birth of the child Lisa and Maxim are trying to protect him from too much attention of the press and others. Here’s how boyar commented on the unwillingness to do because his public persona at such a young age: “We do not hide the label. Just don’t want to since childhood, all the cameras were on him. I remember when I was little, I tied the bows, the photographers came and took photos of me for various magazines. I really didn’t like”.

Lisa is a working mom, but, nevertheless, spends a lot of time with our beloved son and doing everything possible for its full development. Four Andrew not only knows colors and alphabet, he can read and even learning a foreign language: “Every free minute we have a child. We go to the film theatre for adult performances: something he likes, something no, but the performances son watched with interest. We read together with him not only the tales, but adult and classic literature. Like Andrei Brodsky, Mayakovsky, and he teaches them poetry and not just “Fiddler on the roof”. He loves to read encyclopedias. Myself reaching for knowledge. Andrew reads, teaches English, can count. Many do not have these skills, and in six or seven years, when you go to the first class. So, I think our son is ready for school, “summed up the knights.

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