Madonna has accused her husband of kidnapping

Мадонна обвинила мужа в похищении ребенка
Guy Ritchie is afraid to come to America for fear of arrest.

Мадонна обвинила мужа в похищении ребенка


Photo: Splash News/East news

Judicial scandal concerning Madonna and her ex-husband guy Ritchie and strife over rights of custody of son Rocco is becoming more wild and absurd. Recently the singer refused to attend the hearings, citing the emergency employment is the star now makes a concert tour in Australia. But in reality, according to close sources to the singer, she came to London not because of fear of damaging his career.

Actually, the singer just wants the case was heard not in the UK and in America. She believes that here she is much more likely to win custody of Rocco and son to return home, i.e. to her in new York. And guy, in turn, does not want to come to America, as fears of arrest.

The fact that Madonna has accused him of “kidnapping”. Although the wording in relation to 15-year-old young man who, besides, had left America on his own, sounds quite strange, the law is the law. And Richie really has grounds for such fears.

At the last hearing, the judge, justice MacDonald, having considered all case papers, demanded that his wife began, finally, to behave as adults. “You must realize that your son is growing up fast, and you steal from him the last days of his beautiful childhood, drawing the young man, in this protracted trial!” — the judge declared. Prestigio Madonna, her ex-husband, he reminded them that millions of couples get divorced in the world and yet, for the sake of their children, find ways to start cooperation and to peacefully agree on guardianship.

Guy Ritchie with son Rocco

Photo: Splash News/East news

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