Божена Рынска воинственно настроена против детей Blogger and journalist believes that kids don’t need to walk under the Windows of apartment buildings. Bozena Rynska complains that the constant shouts of the guys are disturbing her sleep. She is willing to go to extreme measures for the sake of your peace of mind.

      Божена Рынска воинственно настроена против детей

      After the news that in Nizhni Novgorod children’s slides were filled with tar, a well-known blogger and journalist Bozhena Rynska very vividly reacted to a detailed act of the people. Celebrity voiced everything that thinks of the playgrounds in front of the house.

      “This, comrades, is a hell. Children start crying and screaming from 10 am to 22-00. The last screams end at 22.00, and then, by midnight, the venue rolled out the chavs, and the screams resumed, only drunk,” – said Bozena on his page in Facebook.

      Close the Windows to protect yourself from noise, Bozena is not possible. According to the journalist, she has increased the dependence on fresh air, plus everything in her house is very well stoked. But most of all Rynska afraid of approaching heat. She fears that she will spend the entire summer in the atmosphere of screeching and roaring. The journalist worries that will not be able to sleep and for your own peace of mind ready even to take extreme measures.

      “I do not want that tar, sarin, all of this will buff right out,” he complained Bozena.

      I must say that the 41-year-old journalist with no children. Despite the fact that she was about five years meets with Igor Malashenko, who calls her husband, although he is still not divorced with his wife. The couple even seriously discussed the possibility of the birth of a child. Bozena said about it openly and even attended the clinic. But suddenly her partner said that he didn’t want children.

      As evidence of his point of view, how children should behave, Bozena cited historical example. “Before the revolution, children did not eat until a certain age with the adults at one table. The children were walking on the Boulevard with Bonami and not crackled under Barsky Windows. The center and meaning of life were only children for their parents (if any), and strangers the inconvenience caused by the children not be imposed. And first taught Sinyavka girls at the Institute, it is quiet. Quiet walk, humanity, gently drop lid Desk, not yapping. That is, not to create noise interference. Yelling under the Windows was just poor. And then under the Windows your. From the Windows of the lordly janitor would be flooded,” – said Rynska their loyal followers who, incidentally, supported the blogger and started to talk about the rules of behaviour of modern children and their parents.

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